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Interior Design services available in US mainland, Hawaii and Japan.

MIE's world of design


Mie has worked on store interiors, residential, vacation home, and rental property interiors.


This is a commercial space for a massage spa.

I wanted to create an oasis, a deep forest-like spa nesting in the busiest Waikiki.

Among them, there are about 16 types of black with calm warmth and depth.

A grayish matte black mixture of different wood types would make this space nature oriented.

I chose mainly light-colored oak wood and birch wood that would softly lighten the space to give comfort.

The floor is made of stone-like ceramic tiles to create a contrasting salon design.

A Matte black framed mirror was installed in the small room to create an optical illusion and make it look larger and spacious.

I chose wood x matte black legs and high stools for customers looking to fix their hair and makeup.

The reclining chair is a low, relaxing selector for customers who have finished their massage,

a comfortable lounge chair with the hope that guests will relax after their massage.

The white leather and sheepskin as a point of interest to further soften the space.



The white-based atmosphere of the room is based on

a great mix of large and small

organically shaped glass pendants add sparkle.

In the middle of the open kitchen

is an island made of acacia wood, where 

family and friends gather around the dining table.


I wanted this family and guests-friendly atmosphere to feel the warmth of people, have a happy, full-of-laughter dinner together, and linger in the space for a long time.

Ivory fabric sofas are placed

on both sides of the wall, making the most of the space to the fullest. Carpets and cushions can be changed according to the season and

cushions can be changed depending on the season and your mood.

Add your favorite flowers according to your mood.

Check out the room in the video below.



Hawaiian-inspired, ocean-inspired, short-term rental.

A studio unit in a condominium located in Waikiki.

As a room to welcome guests, it is a place to relax your body and mind after a hard day's work.

Seafoam as a place to heal your body and mind after a hard day's work.

Just looking at it is like being in a dream.

accented with the colors of Hawaii's eastern ocean.


The elegant coffee table and flooring are daringly

deep wood color to prevent scratches from showing.


Kitchen tools and tableware also accent the interior design.

We chose stylish and prominent items.

We chose stylish and prominent items.

White quilted linens and towels symbolize cleanliness.


Let us help your space idea!

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